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Continuation Insurance

Sole Proprietors

You have worked hard to build your business and it is likely one of your most valuable assets.

Have you considered what would happen to your business and family
if you unexpectedly die or become disabled?

Through proper planning, the continuation of your business and financial security of your heirs can be protected.

Life and disability insurance on the owner's life can provide heirs the funds needed to operate the business or prepare it for sale at fair market price.

Businesses With Multiple Owners

Should one partner/corporate officer, etc. die or become disabled, are plans in place to transfer ownership to the surviving owners?

A buy-sell agreement is a contract among the business owners that provide for the transfer of business ownership to the surviving owners and protect the financial future of the deceased owner's heirs.

The surviving owners are obligated to purchased the deceased's business interest and the deceased's heirs are obligated to sell.

Life and disability insurance can provide cash to the surviving owners to continue the business and/or purchase the stock or interest of the deceased owner.

For additional information and assistance with business continuation planning and insurance for your business, Click Here and submit the information requested.


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